A Criminal Charge Is Never Good

Turn to a seasoned criminal defense attorney in Orlando, FL

Have you been charged with a crime? Maybe your former spouse has petitioned for an injunction against you. Either way, you'll need legal representation. Tumarkin Law Offices is a criminal defense law firm based in Orlando, FL. Attorney Tumarkin has over 38 years of experience and has worked on a wide range of cases. If you're building a defense or have questions about the law, you can count on him.

Get the help you need

You need legal support based on your situation. Attorney Tumarkin can provide that. Once you hire him as your attorney, he can:

  • Explain the ins and outs of injunction law
  • Serve as your theft, assault or traffic violation attorney
  • Help you plan your next move after a DUI charge

Whether you need an injunction or DUI attorney, he'll dedicate himself to your case. Speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney now by calling 407-758-0512.

Your Case Is Important

When you come to our criminal defense law firm, you'll get personalized care. Whether you're fighting a DUI charge or need advice on a felony charge, Attorney Tumarkin is here for you. He'll do everything he can to protect your best interests. If that means providing advice or going to court, he'll be there.

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