Drinking and Driving Can Lead to Serious Consequences

Drinking and Driving Can Lead to Serious Consequences

You need a DUI attorney in Orlando, FL

Getting behind the wheel after a few drinks might not seem like a big deal, until you see police lights coming up behind you. A DUI conviction could leave you without a license or paying exorbitant fines. If you need a DUI defense attorney in Orlando, FL, you can count on Attorney Tumarkin from Tumarkin Law Offices. He draws from his decades of experience and intensive knowledge of the law to defend clients tirelessly.

It's time to hire a DUI attorney. Visit Tumarkin Law Offices in Orlando, FL today to begin building your defense.

Get sound legal advice from a knowledgeable attorney

DUI cases aren't all alike. Many factors can change your charge and possible consequences. You need a DUI defense attorney who can handle any situation.

Attorney Tumarkin knows how to handle DUIs in which a child was in the vehicle, someone was injured or a minor was driving. He's even handled aggravated DUI and DUI assault cases. Whether your offense is considered a misdemeanor or a felony, you'll get steadfast legal support from Tumarkin Law Offices.

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