A Restraining Order Could Change Your Life

A Restraining Order Could Change Your Life

Read about injunction law in Orlando, FL

Has someone petitioned the court for an injunction against you? Commonly known as restraining orders, injunctions are court mandates that prevent contact between two people.

If you want to fight this petition, you'll need a well-qualified injunction attorney. Attorney Tumarkin from Tumarkin Law Offices has helped many individuals navigate injunction law in Orlando, FL. He has extensive experience practicing injunction law and always aims for favorable results.

Injunctions are public, meaning future employers, educational institutions and romantic partners can access them. A simple accusation could harm your future irrevocably. Discuss your options with Attorney Tumarkin now by calling 407-758-0512.

A restraining order can be about more than ceasing contact

You might wonder if you need an injunction attorney. A court-ordered injunction could have serious results. You could:

  • Lose the ability to see your children until the court makes a parenting decision
  • Not be able to return to your home if you share it with the petitioner
  • Be prevented from buying guns or gaining employment

It's best to get legal support to avoid possible issues down the line. Hire a dedicated injunction attorney from Tumarkin Law Offices in Orlando, FL today.